A Rough Draft [Telugu + Tamil + Hindi + Eng]

Tel + Tam + Hin + Eng

A Rough Draft [Telugu + Tamil + Hindi + Eng]
 IMDB Rating:

4.5/10 from 1713 votesIMDb





 Directed by:

Sergey Mokritskiy

 Starring by:

Nikita Volkov Severija Janusauskaite Vilen Babichev




Dubbed Telugu

 Story Plot: Kirill is an ordinary guy working as a video game designer… until the day he discovers that everyone he knows has forgotten who he is. He is sent to be a gatekeeper of a tower, the portals between parallel worlds alternate versions of Moscow. But Kirill is unique. He’s able to tear open different portals better than anyone else has before him. Those supervising Kirill want him to open a portal to Arkan, a Utopian world that no one has been able to get into but is important because it can be used as “a rough draft” to help repair their existing world.
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