Chatrapathi (Hindi)

Chatrapathi (Hindi)
 IMDB Rating:

9.0/10 from 2300 votesIMDb





 Directed by:

V.V. Vinayak





 Story Plot: Shiva lives in Pakistan with his mother and brother Ashok . Ashok hates Shiva, as the latter is not his biological brother. One day Shiva gets separated from his mother due to Ashok during an exodus from Pakistan. Shiva lands in Gujarat as a refugee and is forced to do criminal activities. He transforms into an aggressive guy a few years later. Also, Shiva’s quest for his mother never ends. During this, one of the boys in the refugee camp gets attacked, which makes Shiva revolt. He becomes the savior of the oppressed, and soon, people start referring to him as Chatrapathi. Did Shiva meet his mother finally? What challenges did Ashok cause Shiva? This forms part of the rest of the story.
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