Gaslight (Hindi)

Gaslight (Hindi)
 IMDB Rating:

5.9/10 from 27 votesIMDb




Crime Mystery Thriller

 Directed by:

Pavan Kirpalani





 Story Plot: Princes Meesha returns home after a long time in a wheelchair. Rukmini, her stepmother, welcomes her. Meesha returns since her father, Raja Sahab has called her, but his father is not in the palace, No one knows where Meesha’s father is. Even Kapil, the right hand of Raja Sahab, does know his whereabouts of him. The situation takes a turn when Meesha sees his father. However, someone has murdered him, A police officer starts an investigation, and everyone is the suspect. Who is the killer, and what is the motive behind the murder? Film Gaslight replies to such queries.
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