Kannai Nambathey [Malayalam + Kannada]

Mal + Kan

Kannai Nambathey [Malayalam + Kannada]
 IMDB Rating:

5.8/10 from 331 votesIMDb




Crime Drama Thriller

 Directed by:

Mu. Maran





 Story Plot: Arun is in desperate need of a place to stay as his girlfriend Divya’s father, who is also Arun’s comes to know about their love affair and kicks him out of the house. He soon moves into Somu’s house and to celebrate the occasion, the duo along with Arun’s friend Jagan go out for a drink. It’s here that Arun spots a woman, struggling to drive her car. When she requests him to drop her home, Arun reluctantly agrees. Little does he know that the incident will change his life forever and that he would get embroiled in a murder case.
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