Perfume (Malayalam)

Perfume (Malayalam)
 IMDB Rating:

#/10 from # votesIMDb




Drama Romance

 Directed by:

K.P. Sunil





 Story Plot: The difficulties and problems that city living brings to a housewife’s life serve as the setting for the film. It explores how strongly the city influences a woman who unpredictably must live there, as well as the difficulties she faces and the effects it has on her life as she gives in to the city’s attractions. The movie depicts a woman’s powerlessness as she deals with particular interactions and friendships that occur in her daily life and subsequently turn into traps for her. When it comes to the hollowness of modern life and those who have hidden motivations, perfume is serious. This is a woman’s survival as well as her crisis in life. A multimillionaire businessman named Madhava Das unexpectedly intervenes in their joyful marriage between Abhirami and Leo and uses his reputation and wealth to take advantage of Abhirami’s affection.
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