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Ramyo (Kannada)

Ramyo (Kannada)
 IMDB Rating:

8.1/10 from 130 votesIMDb




Drama Romance

 Directed by:

Pavan Wadeyar





 Story Plot: Revanth deshpande a rich kid, but never dependent on his father’s money. What ever he earned he earned from his music talent, yes he is Rockstar, his name as a Rockstar is RAYMO. Raymo lost his mother when he was 10 year old. He always missed mother’s love. Because his father got married another woman right after his mother’s death. There is no good relationship between father and son. Raymo is very unpredictable, psychic, drug addict, and a 100% womanizer. As he gets a recognition from the foreign company now he is in search of a female voice especially carnatic vocalist. He finds one she is Mohana, once Mohana enters Raymo’s life. Everything starts changing as both protagonists are in love. But there are en number of hurdles for there love.