Run Baby Run (Telugu)


Run Baby Run (Telugu)
 IMDB Rating:

6.4/10 from 468 votesIMDb




Action Thriller

 Directed by:

Jiyen Krishnakumar





 Story Plot: A student at a government medical college, commits suicide. We are introduced to another male character who is also preparing to commit suicide before we realise what is happening. To explain how the two characters are related, the author takes us back in time. On his way home, Sathya, a bank employee, unexpectedly notices a stranger female in his car. She begs for assistance and asks to remain in his flat for a few hours until her guardian can save her, Despite his initial resistance, Sathya eventually concedes that she is in danger of losing her life and lets her in. But at the time, he had no idea that his choice would endanger his life. The very next morning, Sathya discovers Tara dead in his residence. He chooses to dispose of the body by moving it to Senji, his hometown, on the recommendation of a buddy who works as a police officer.
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