Soppana Sundari [Telugu + Hindi + Malayalam + Kannada]

Tel + Hin + Mal + Kan

Soppana Sundari [Telugu + Hindi + Malayalam + Kannada]
 IMDB Rating:

8.5/10 from 365 votesIMDb




Comedy Thriller

 Directed by:

S.G. Charles





 Story Plot: Agalya, a young woman from a low-income household, wins a car in a lucky draw at the beginning of the movie. Her mother, father, and silent sister all predeceased her. However, problems arise when Agalya’s estranged brother, who won the lucky draw, asserts that he is the real winner. Thenmozhi, Agalya’s mute sister, reveals another bombshell as Agalya muses over how to handle her egotistical brother and the amorous inspector managing the case. She tells Agalya that the car’s trunk contains a dead body. The remainder of the narrative focuses on Agalya’s efforts to resolve this difficult problem despite her financial difficulties.
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