Taxi (Telugu)

Taxi (Telugu)



Action Drama Thriller

 Directed by:

Harish Sajja





 Story Plot: Eeshwar is a young scientist who makes a breakthrough in a Californium 252 experiment. He discovers that this element can be used to detect gold deposits deep in the earth, treasures that would otherwise remain undiscovered. Eeshwar approaches the Mines Minister with a proposal that could make India the global leader in excavations. He requests financial support from the central government to conduct further experiments. However, Californium 252 is valued at a staggering Rs 180 crores per gram. Who would be ready to fund such a mammoth project? Politicians and the mafia see an opportunity to exploit Eeshwar’s research. But they don’t know that an honest man like Eeshwar is not for sale. So, they decide to take control of his personal life. They start accusations against Eeshwar and his wife, who goes missing. Eeshwar tries his best to escape from them.
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